The Bjørklund Cheese Slicer

The original cheese slicer invented by Thor Bjørklund in 1925. Bjørklund was a carpenter by profession. The design is based on the carpenter’s plane with a similar sharp blade being drawn draw across the cheese and was borne of the irritation of how difficult it can be to cut cheese with a regular knife. This tool is produced in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer, and has been for more than 80 years. The factory has produced more than 50 millions cheese slicers. The Bjørklund design has remained relatively unchanged and consists of four pieces; blade with cutting edge, neck, spike and handle.

Although a patented design the company has seen many copies enter the market but rather than enter costly courtroom battles the company chose to differentiate itself by producing products of higher quality at affordable prices – you only ever need to buy one cheese slicer in a lifetime. Cheese slicers are made in many countries all over the world, but the real Original comes from Bjørklund.

Materials: beech handle / stainless steel.

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