Designers in Residence

The Designers in Residence at Northumbria University play a key role in the Tools For Everyday Life project. Current residents Josh South, Will Baugh and James Benham, whilst establishing their own professional design practices, have played a vital role in the delivery of ‘Tools’ project. Responsible for exhibition design and build for the last exhibitions at Design Junction (London) and the ICFF (New York), Josh, Will and James are currently sourcing the suppliers of materials and processes for a number of the products developed for the ‘Tools’ project.

The Designers in Residence benefit from access to both workshop and studio facilities within the School of Design at Northumbria University and can draw upon the support and advice of the community of design practice that surrounds the BA (hons) 3D Design programme at Northumbria.

The signature of the Designers in Residence scheme is the development of businesses that celebrate the craft of manufacture and the development of products that are contemporary, rich in narrative and market ready.

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