‘Fly Press’ Auger Cork Screw


Product Story

Products in the ‘Fly Press’ range are a demonstration and celebration of the humble screw thread mechanism. This is one of the six simple machines, and is regarded as an understated masterpiece of engineering.

Spherical flyweights drive the auger downwards with controlled and efficient force; the grip and momentum provides a smooth, gratifying action, and will have your favourite bottle open in no time. As with any manual corkscrew, ensure that it stays straight or ‘true’ throughout to prevent deformation.  Machined from solid steel bar, the auger tapers to a central point, allowing perfect positioning on the cork. Everything is held together by grub screws in the brass body, the satin surface of this and the cross bar contrast strongly with the roughness of the forged steel balls. Stamped on both sides is the DDQ logo. The heavy round base displays the corkscrew with pride; its curious form encouraging examination.

Product Designer
  • Materials

    brass, mild steel, stainless steel, rubber and cork

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