Product Summary
A celebration of one of the most ubiquitous every day tools.

Product Story

Whilst the definition of a tool can just as easily refer to an object of complexity/simplicity/new or old technology, there is elegance to certain functional tools that connect users with tasks. This connection might achieve further reverence by requiring the skill acquired by many hours of craft practice. Or the bond between operative and result is made ‘sweet’ because the tool takes all the pain out of a task. Either way tools that transcend being a means to an end in themselves are one of life’s joys.

Made from materials and shaped by processes that acknowledge the physical and physiological contexts of use a ‘good’ tool reminds the user that there is sometimes nothing wrong with liking ‘stuff’. 

Pencil Works #00 – #09

A celebration of one of the most ubiquitous every day tools

This series of “pencil works” is inspired by the many secondary uses that people sometimes put these simple little devices to and focuses on developing a range of products that build real secondary functions by way of additional components.

Taking visual cues from classic woodworking tools, each simple pencil is fitted with a threaded brass ferrule that accepts a tool from the series – cut, file, measure or mark.

#00 ‘the level’ mk.1

#01 ‘the rubber’

#02 ‘the blade’

#03  ‘the saw’

#04  ‘the pick’

#05 ‘the eyeglass’

#06 ‘the file’

#07 ‘the divider’

#08  ‘the brush’

#09 ‘the level’ mk.2

Product Designer
  • Materials

    Brass, Carbon Steel, Cedar