Product Story

The classic safety razor, commonplace in the early part of the 20th century was superseded by multi-blade cartridge style razors, introduced by companies who with considerable financial marketing power have convinced many that multiple blades are superior. By reducing components and modernising the form, this razor challenges these statements and reintroduces the notion of a long lasting tool, unaffected by trends or heavy-handed advertising campaigns.

Precision Machined from Aluminium the traditional form of a threaded three component razor has been reduced to two parts, connected by a neodymium magnet thus minimising the chance of component failure. The parts are glass bead blasted to remove machine marks, chemically brightened to bring out a soft lustre before black anodising finishes the parts and increases corrosion resistance.

A standard double-edged razor blade is clamped between the the two parts. The internal form of the head component bends the blade increasing its rigidity and locking it into position whilst the angular external shape of the razor head assists the correct positioning for a clean shave.

Product Designer
  • Materials:

    Black Anodised Aluminium, Japanese Steel Razor Blade.

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