Rivet Lamps


Product Summary
The forms of the lamps are derived from types of solid rivet – permanent mechanical fasteners consisting of a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end.

Product Story

The Rivet lights are now being developed by Brooklyn based Juniper.

“Rivets were the once indespensible steel fasteners used prominently in the construction of ships, bridges and skyscrapers. Today rivets have been mostly replaced by modern technology.  And so, it is with new technology that we reinvented the old rivet in a way that is relevant in our modern lives.

Our [Juniper] wireless Rivet lamps house a powerful rechargeable battery, which produces 100 raw lumens for over 20 hours on a single charge, and up to 60 hours on the ambient light setting.  It comes in three shade styles, each representing a once common rivet head, which we call Pan, Button and Cone.

Part of the untethered home

Rivet inherits the toughness of its namesake. It is engineered to withstand the effects of daily charging and the physical strain from tough commercial use. On the exterior the 9″ tall simple construction is made from high-quality spun copper and brass.

While Rivet is intentionally designed to perform in high traffic areas; such as restaurants, hotels and retail stores; its true calling may very well be as a member of the untethered home living experience.  It can be used on the indoor or outdoor dining table, on the book shelf, office desk or night stand…all in one day…all without cords.”

Description from the Juniper website.





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